i'm not the type to get my heart broken,
i'm not the type to get upset and cry.
because i'll never leave my heart open,
never hurts me to say goodbye.
relationships don't get deep to me,
never got that whole "in love" thing.
and someone can say they love me truly,
but at the time it didn't mean a thing.
my mind is gone, i'm spinning round.
and deep inside my tears i'll drown.
i'm losing grip, what's happening?
i stray from love, this is how i feel.

this time was different, felt like i was just a victim,
and it cut me like a knife, when you walked out of my life.
now i'm in this condition and i've got all the symptoms
of a girl with a broken heart, but no matter what
you'll never see me cry.

rihanna - cry

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